We are Codum.

Matchmaking for motivation!

Staying true to your goals is not easy. It's even more difficult if there's no one pushing and encouraging you … most of us are master procrastinators and need an accountability partner, peers, a partner in crime and / or deadlines to keep motivated and get things done.

Learning new tech skills, such as coding, is no exception to this, and learning by yourself is even less so. With all the resources available online, the only struggle we need to overcome to reach our learning goals is ... within ourselves!

This is why Codum started. We believe in the power of synergy where 1 + 1 = 3 when combining the right forces.
With the right partner in crime, anyone can learn anything.

Built by lifelong learners for lifelong learners.

isabella hoesch profile picture

Isabella Hoesch


Isabella fell in love with data and problem-solving with code just after graduating from business school. Thanks to her first coding buddy, her self-teaching journey - and life - took on a new turn! Before she knew it, they were building a matching algorithm to help others find their coding match and increase productivity. Codum 0.0 was born.

Her sister, Tatjana, joined forces with Isabella shortly after, with the mission to bring accountability to the world and help learners reach their goals.
Tech aside, Isabella is also a fan of writing, learning in general and recharges in the beautiful outdoors.

Codum.cc Tatjana Hoesch

Tatjana Hoesch


Tatjana is a strong believer that anyone can learn anything and hates seeing human potential go to waste due to missing motivation&discipline!

Tatjana has experienced the power of accountability partners first-hand when diving into the world of tech as a business grad.
She became a regular Codum-user herself and her experiences turned her into a strong supporter of learning through and with buddies.

When afk, you will find her sailing or playing field hockey!

Michelle Conroy


Michelle is a former business development director and producer who fell hard for coding and embraced that passion.
In making the transition into tech, Michelle experienced the challenges of self-directed learning and the benefits of having peers to support, hold you accountable, and to celebrate your victories as you work towards your goals.

Now she gets to spend her days encouraging Codum users and architecting a platform that empowers them to achieve their dreams.
In her spare time she mentors young women in STEM, swims, and spends as much time out of doors as possible.

We believe in a future where learning is ...

Our learning paths don't end after graduation; they continue, adapt, and grow as we move through different stages of life and career. In the fast-moving tech landscape, continuous upskilling is not just a choice; it's a necessity.

Learning is not static; it flows and changes, shaped by our experiences, our needs, and the world around us. We must be flexible, embracing new knowledge, tools, and technologies, allowing us to stay ahead in an ever-changing world.

Technology opens doors, and we're committed to ensuring that those doors are open to everyone, regardless of background or experience level. Upskilling in tech should be accessible, providing opportunities for all to succeed in the digital age.

We empower learners to take charge of their education, providing them the tools, resources, and support they need to learn at their own pace, in their own way. This autonomy fosters a more personal, engaging, and effective learning experience.

Codum builds on these values:

Nurture of the community

Community is at the heart of everything we do. Nourish the health of our community where everyone is encouraged to learn and give back.

Be curious

Set a growth mindset, take on challenges and learn from them. Aim for personal and professional growth.

Listen and empower

Build trust and understanding by listening actively, respecting and embracing diversity of viewpoints. Practice blameless accountability.

Be transparent

To foster meaningful relationships within and outside the company, act and communicate openly and with integrity.

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