What our community says about Codum and their Accountability Partnerships!

"Carving out time to study despite my full time job is a challenge but it’s impossible to skip if there is another human involved as well!

Can’t recommend Codum enough."



“I love both working on our project separately and coming together to pair code - it energizes me.
I've also learned so much from our partnership!

Can't wait to deploy and have a portfolio piece to show off - and I'm confident we'll accomplish it.”



“I struggled to stick to my learning schedule, so I was overexcited to jump into my Codum accountability partnership.

Having someone to discuss your project ideas, aspirations and exchange the expertise with, pushes you to continue!"



"When I joined Codum I had no idea about coding and decided to do the „From Zero to Hero“ bootcamp on Udemy.

Meeting with Oscar every Sunday motivated me to keep on learning and finishing the course after 4 weeks!

Our new little project was to help a friend with coding a scatter chart for her Bachelor thesis. It was really nice to see the progress I made with the help of my accountability partner!"



"We’re both housewives who decided to self-study web development next to our busy lives.

I still can’t believe that we found someone so alike to share the coding journey!"



"Knowing there is someone you can talk to and going through the valleys of learning together builds confidence.

We are working on TypeScript and Angular."



Codum plays a vital role in creating a reassuring environment. It provides a sense of belonging and support, invaluable in the often solitary world of coding.

Knowing that there's a community of like-minded individuals, including my accountability partner, is such a motivating atmosphere.

It's not just about sharing successes and challenges. It's about having a collective reservoir of knowledge and experience to tap into, making the learning journey less daunting and more enjoyable.