Frequently Asked Questions About Codum

What is an accountability platform and how does Codum work? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions
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Is my buddy my mentor?

No, your buddy is your buddy and not your mentor. You both expect the other to share knowledge and support each other.

How do I connect and work with my buddy?

To find out who your buddy is, keep your eyes open for an email that we send to buddies on the 7th of the month.
Make sure to connect with your buddy right away and schedule a meeting to get to know each other. In this first meeting, you and your buddy decide together how you want to work and what you will work on over the course of 4 weeks.
Some buddies decide to build a project, take an online course, or prepare for technical interviews together. Others work on their projects individually and meet up to hold each other accountable and to discuss learnings and progress.

What is an accountability partnership?

An accountability partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship where two individuals commit to regularly checking in with each other to help each other achieve their goals and stay accountable to their commitments. At Codum this involves sharing progress updates, exchanging knowledge, providing support, and offering encouragement and motivation. Depending on your and your buddies’ goals it may grow into a collaboration for mutual project-building (e.g. for your portfolio).

Can I be matched to several buddies at once?

You will be matched to one buddy at a time.

My buddy ghosted me, what do I do?

Sometimes it happens that a buddy disappears and stops the collaboration without letting you know. Some life events might keep your buddy from responding, and you will be left wondering what happened. If your buddy does not reply for more than a week, you can unmatch yourself and - if you’re a committed buddy - request a new buddy. Reach out to us for help if needed!

Why do you need my location for matching?

Buddies that are matched across the world often struggle to find meeting dates when located in different time zones. We ask for your location because it helps us look for a buddy in a similar time zone. If you feel uncomfortable about sharing your city, feel free to tell us your state or country only. Please be aware that if you come from a big country, this might make it harder for us to find a buddy in a time zone close to yours.

How does the matching algorithm works?

Our matching algorithm checks the pool of buddies for a person that shares your learning goals and other important attributes (e.g. time zone, topic of interest, …) and that matches your indicated preferences. Some attributes are more important than others for the matching – learning goal is more important than time zone – and we are trying our hardest to find a great buddy for everyone. We collect buddy signups monthly and run the matching on the 7th of every month.

What is Codum?

Codum is an accountability platform for lifelong learning in tech. Our users are motivated individuals from all over the world that are hungry to learn and grow. They join our vibrant Community to get matched to an accountability partner to share the learning journey with a like-minded peer, and to keep motivated to work towards their self-set learning goals.
If you’re a career-shifter, an on-the-job upskiller, or a hobby-learner/builder, Codum is here to help you achieve your goals!

How old do I need to be to join?

You need to be 18 or more years old to join Codum and sign up for a Buddy.

Does Codum cost money?

You can join Codum for free. When signing up for a buddy, you can choose your commitment fee, starting at €5. The more you commit financially, the more likely you will be matched to a committed buddy too. On top, we have some perks ready for extra+ committed buddies!

How is my data being used?

We use your data to find a good match for you and to improve our services. We do not use it for retargeting, and we do not sell it to third parties.

How can I deactivate my account?

Please send a message to if you want to deactivate your account.

Who is the team behind Codum?

We are a small team of individuals, spread across the world, headquartered in Munich, Germany. What connects us is the passion for lifelong learning, and the mission to empower self-directed and affordable learning for everyone. We are just starting out and happy to grow with your feedback. If you like what we are doing and want to get involved, shoot us a message:!

My buddy is in a different timezone than me, why?

We give our best to match you to a compatible buddy. The matching algorithm prioritises shared goals and topics over timezone. This means, that when fewer users join from your part of the world, it may happen that your match has to compromise on timezone to provide you a quality match.