How to Construct a Goal-Crushing Roadmap in 2022

There will always be events outside of our control. The pandemic is just one example. Here at Codum, we like to focus on the things we can control.

A roadmap can help.

This five-step, goal-crushing roadmap will help you savour your successes, set goals, and create a plan to work towards them. I want to share it with you so you can make 2022 your best year yet.

Here we go!

Step #1: Reflect on Your Past Year

Who and what were you most grateful for in 2021? Did you meet someone special, go to an event, or read a book that improved your life?

What were your big five goals? Did you hit them? If not, why not?

Which practices helped you achieve success? Which practices held you back?

These questions can help you reflect on your past year — personally and professionally. They’ll also help you attach emotions to your goals.
Look at your 2021 goals. If you didn’t hit them, the chances are you weren’t compelled enough. They lacked emotional punch. This is something to consider for 2022.

How will you feel when you hit your goals this year? Why do you want to achieve them? Is it so your family and friends will be proud, or is there a deeper, internal motive?

Bear these “feeling questions” in mind when considering the rest of this roadmap.

Answering them could make all the difference.

Step #2: What Do You Want?

We all have different desires. We all have different measures of success. The golden question, then, is this:

What do you want?

Stare at this question until your eyes bleed. It can guide your actions. I recommend reflecting on it at least once a day.

To help answer this question, consider the following:

  • What comes easy to you? Look around. What problems do people struggle with that aren’t a struggle to you?
  • What do you enjoy doing? Chances are, you enjoyed doing this when you were younger. You got so lost in the ‘thing’ that time whizzed by.
  • What do people ask you for help with? Friends and family can help you with this one.

Do you dread going to work? Are you struggling to sleep? It could be time to get another job.

Or do you have a business plan that you’re itching to try? Was there something holding you back? Maybe now’s your moment.

Try stuff. Taste stuff. Spend a month in Bali before relocating. Secure that client before quitting your job.

There’s nothing to stop you from changing your mind.

Step #3: Set a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG)

What’s your big, hairy, audacious goal (BHAG) for 2022?

It doesn’t have to be realistic. The crazier, the better. It’s all about expanding your mind.

Grant Cardone talks about the benefits of thinking big in The 10X Rule. As James Clear summarises,

“The 10X Rule says that:

“1) You should set targets for yourself that are 10X greater than what you believe you can achieve.

“2) You should take actions that are 10X greater than what you believe are necessary to achieve your goals.

“The biggest mistake most people make is not setting goals high enough. Taking massive action is the only way to fulfill your potential.”
— James Clear

For example, you might want to make $10,000 a month. Perhaps this would give the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

Or maybe you want to become a web developer. This would give you the option to work anywhere in the world. Codum can help.

And if you don’t hit this goal? At least I’ll be heading in the right direction.

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” — W. Clement Stone

Step #4: Create a 6-Month Plan

A 6-month plan is a living, breathing document. I recommend a Google doc. Check it every day and it’ll help you work towards your goals.

Where do these goals come from?

Write down 100 of them. Don’t worry if you change your mind. You can always scrub them out.

Once you’ve got 100 goals, ask the following questions for each:

  • On a scale of 1–10, how likely is it I can achieve this goal in six months?
  • On a scale of 1–10, how excited am I by this goal?
  • Will achieving this goal make other goals easier or unnecessary?

I recommend choosing five based on these categories: work, relationships, location, house, and hobbies.

Once chosen, it’s time to put plans in place. Google can teach you how. Search online, go down rabbit holes, and save articles in your Google Doc. Pick out specific, actionable steps from podcasts and videos.

People want to help you.

After detailing your goals, it’s time to attach dates. Work back from the end goal to realise what you need to do to stay on track - each month and each week.

Step #5: Execute

A 6-month plan gives a north star. Now it’s time to execute. Break your plan into pieces and ask yourself, “what’s the one thing I can do today to get closer to my goals?”

Do this.

If you need accountability, try Focusmate. It’s a free virtual coworking space that pairs you up with an accountability partner. This pairing can help keep you on track and stay productive.

If coding is your thing, Codum can pair you up with your perfect accountability partner.

Save your 6-month plan Google Doc to your bookmarks and type in your daily reflections. Are you on track? What worked well today?

This document will be your Bible.


If 2021 didn’t go to plan, 2022 could be the start of something better.

Better doesn’t have to mean bigger. It’s often the small things that we do consistently that make the difference. These actions become our habits. These habits dictate our lives.

It’s not always fun. You may have to sacrifice things to get the life you want, particularly if you work a 9-5. However, seeing your hard work pay off is super rewarding.

“You can only work smart if you’ve done the hard work first.” — Sinem Günel

Here’s a quick summary of the goal-crushing roadmap:

Step #1: Reflect on your past year. What worked well? What can you do better? If you didn’t hit your goals, did they lack an emotional punch?

Step #2: What do you want? This is the only question that matters.

Step #3: Set a BHAG. Does this goal scare you? If it does, fantastic!

Step #4: Create a 6-month plan. Target five goals for the next six months. You can create a separate 6-month plan for July onwards, using learnings from the previous.

Step #5: Execute

You’ve got this!

Want to include coding in your 2022 plans? Codum can be the support you didn’t know you needed. Get in touch and see how we can help :)

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